Online Roulette Strategy

Online Roulette Strategy

April 6, 2021 Off By webadmin

You may think that there is little room for a strategy to win at roulette because the basics of the game are so simple. You choose a number or color, place a bet and the wheels starts to spin. The ball drops and you have a winner. There is no skill involved unlike the card games and there is no way the gambler can influence the movement of the wheel or the ball. It is entirely up to chance and the luck of the gambler if he wins or loses.

However there are some online roulette strategy that may give you a slight advantage if some care is taken in placing your bets on each roll of the wheel. Every number and color gives the house different advantages and if you want to be a roulette winner, you would be advised to place your bets on the numbers or colors or combination that give the house the smallest advantage. Some of the common online roulette strategy is betting multiple times, betting on red, using the dozen bet, first and third column and the Labouchere system.

Here are three of them in detail.

Betting multiple times

This system is quite complicated. What you need to do is to bet on both the odd numbers and the red color (or even and black) for each spin of the roulette wheel. If you lose the first time, double you bet for the next one. If you win, return to your original bet and start again. If you lose, continue to double the bet until you eventually win. The logic behind this system is that there is a 25% chance of winning on either the red or the black while betting the combination, gives you a 50% chance of winning each time. However, this system is not sustainable over the long term because there is the house edge and you would probably have to play with unlimited amounts of money.

Betting only red

This system tells you to bet only on red all the time. If you were to place a bet on red for 38 consecutive spins, the probability of the ball coming up with a red winner is 47. 37% meaning that you could possible win every second spin. This also means that there is a 99% probability that in the 38 spins, the ball will land on a red number at least 10 times. However betting on red only wins you even money so it is not a profitable system to use.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is one of the most commonly used online roulette strategy. Here you pick a line on the table and use the numbers from previous games to work out the best amount to bet on the next game, depending on whether you won or lost the previous game. If you had won on a particular number the previous game, you would eliminate the outside numbers and continue to play on the smaller line. If you lose the game, then you add the previous amount to the end of the line and play with the extended line. Many roulette experts think that the Labouchere system is the best one around because it allows you some flexibility in selecting your own line based on your reading of the table at that particular time.