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Candy Manor – Sweetest Gaming Place EVER (You Won't Want to Leave!)

Welcome, welcome to Candy Manor! This game is online gamer's dream. Exciting adventure, so many surprises, games inside games... never gets boring! Mary, she's a designer, comes back home for big candy festival. You help her fix up old manor, make it beautiful again, while all that candy magic happens.

Games here SO good, look like real life!: Stories that keep you guessing, graphics so shiny your eyes get happy, everything works perfect even on slow phone. Candy Manor uses best new tech, feels like living inside game world, only better.

Play against others, make friend team – this is Gamernet special!: So many players here, all helping or fighting (friendly way!), quests you never do alone. Show off your best scores, unlock super cool stuff to make game look how YOU like.

Secrets waiting everywhere in Candy Manor!: Story gets crazier as you play, new places pop up, need your smarts to figure out. Make your house pretty, so many cute things to choose, show off how stylish you are with games too!

Friends always near in Candy Manor social thingy!: Work together, tell about your best wins, this game makes good community. Quests more fun with a team, right? Adventures happen that you never forget because you did them TOGETHER.

Play on phone, no problem!: Relaxing time or need serious game challenge, Candy Manor got you. Fits in pocket, but feels BIG on screen. Time for break? Game waits. Ready for all night play-a-thon? Game says YES!

Now is YOUR time for Candy Manor magic!

Stories to make, battles to win, sweet little house to fill up with cool stuff. So much to do, so much to explore. What you waiting for? Adventure starts now!


Mouse Control


  • Easy to play

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