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Pie Real Life Cooking: This Game Almost Smells Yummy!

Hello bakers, and wanna-be bakers! This is game to make mouth water just thinking about! It is called Pie Real Life Cooking, and you learn pie-making like a true chef on Gamernet.org. Everything looks SO real on screen, maybe even hear sizzle of oven from speakers!

You Become Pie Master in Game

Okay, how this work? Game makes you bakery super star chef! Your missions: make all kinds of pie. Some classic... apple! Some fancy... blueberry, pumpkin, oh my! Must find those special ingredients in game kitchen... it just like your house one, I bet. Then mixing bowl fun begins!

But is like real baking... game teaches you everything step by step, no worry on mess-up (no flour to wipe up here!). Hints pop up when stuck. Like learning real skill while getting to eat (in your mind!) what you create. Careful... must watch those clocks and make sure inside, outside of pie bake perfect. Game makes sure you know!

Getting Better Means... More Pie!

With each good pie finish, game treats you nice! New kinds to try, maybe ones you never tasted... hmmm, what does rhubarb one like? Also challenges appear! Can you braid the crust in cool pattern? Decorate like a birthday cake? Ohh, now THAT is pro skill!

But maybe BEST part... get to pick pretty toppings after bake done! Whipped cream, sprinkles... make friends hungry while looking at it! Score goes up when create good stuff in kitchen game, but true purpose is for those yummy feelings, yes?

Want to Show Off Baked Art?

Pie Real Life Cooking is good even for playing as group! Mom, dad, maybe cousins try with you? See who bakes most good-looking one, gets bragging rights then! Or send picture of screen pie to family for surprise smiles... they may want real dessert next day, I warn you!

Why It's Not JUST Playtime...

Okay, is fun for everyone, that is plain true. But, for sneaky parents (they do this sometimes, like hiding veggies!) there is learning inside. Pie Real Life Cooking helps you get idea how mixing food works, what good bake needs... without leaving mess. This kind of game good if want to get into real baking after lots of practice on screen!


Use your mouse and keyboard to play


  • Easy to play

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