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Seek out the red crystal for each level to summon the boss, or fight the continuously spawning fairies to save up money for treasure chests. The game becomes progressively harder as time passes. Don't dawdle! The game has no definitive ending. Strive to live as long as possible! Gameplay Enabled up to 4 player multiplayer (let us know if it breaks!) Added a true Lunatic mode Time scales 50% faster (due to the small map currently) Added an temporary invulnerability state to the 3rd ability, Dash Added 4th ability, Master Spark Added affixes to enemies, making them more difficult to defeat but with greater reward Diversified the enemies. They shoot more specialized patterns and deal more damage Enemies spawn at the start of the stage Added 9 new items, removed the Uncommon Tengu Geta item Added combat shrine (spawns higher level enemies) Added gameover screen Added pause button Quality of Life Added an item display for the items gathered so far You can hover over items and abilities to get their descriptions Messages appear when you interact with shrines Added buff visuals and improved some existing bullet visuals Added item gallery to check out all items in the game Bugs Fixed the sacrifice shrine being able to kill you Fixed ability charge items resetting on a new stage Fixed exponential items scaling too hard Fixed numerous items not working exactly as intended


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